Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello world. This blog has been created with the purpose of documenting all the fun evenings that happen at The Underground Coffee Society.

A couple of years ago, when @sonikabhasin & @thecoffeenazi started hosting people at home for coffee evenings, they wouldn't have thought how their home would become a hub for a lot fun filled evenings of fun, games, pancakes, conversations & #wellofcourse, coffee!

So far, @UCS_Bombay has been host to over 100 people from twitter. We meet almost every week & have a good time. So far, it's been #EPICMAXX! UCS has been home to a lot new friendships especially for the hosts.

Lets keep this blog going with stories from UCS! If any of you are willing to contribute to this blog, do let me know.

Cheers to many more conversations, fun, games & coffees!


  1. Who knew meeting a college friend after so many years could be so much fun. Sahil hasn't changed a bit - if at all he has become even more warm and welcoming. Meeting Sonika was incredible - vivacious and such fun to talk to, it just didn't feel like I met her for the first time!! Together they make the most adorable, welcoming and fun couple I have ever known! And yes I still cannot get over the Absolut Watkins!
    Here's to a lot more amazing meets and happiness!