Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coffee Rockers!

Never ever thought that coffee and conversations can really go that far until i visited UCS Bombay the first time.

The place has it all.
-Super ambience
-Super hosts (@sonikabhasin & @thecoffeenazi)
-Super drinks (you name it, they have it)
-Super food (yummylicious)
-Super entertainment
-Super members

Whether its trying out new coffee or discussing some business plans, listening to hangover stories or playing taboo with strangers soon to be friends, watching movies or exchanging twitter gossip, i have done all of these at UCS Bombay. It makes it so easy for catching up with twitter handles you just have interacted with twitter and personally know them. It made me realize that i actually follow some really awesome people around on twitter.

It's a mad big party every time i have been there. No shortage of fun, food or laughter. Initially i really thought it to be an awkward thing to go to a house full of strangers who might not even have heard or maybe not even following you on twitter. But then i realized that UCS Bombay makes it so easy and 'feel-at-home' kinda place that you instantly connect to the whole thing.

There are so many incidents and stories but i feel its best that they stay within the four walls of UCS Bombay.

The only thing i would like to change about UCS Bombay is that someday i will learn few tricks and tips of coffee & pancake making, and make sure i spend the whole time in kitchen rather that @thecoffeenazi doing all the work. Each and every time he is left in the kitchen making yummy things for us and misses all the fun outside.

As @shawnlewis once wrote that not everyone deserves to get an entry at UCS Bombay, I am so glad that i made it through to the 'A' list. And i even have a privilege card to prove the same!

The place is an addiction.

P.S.: Vallet parking ka kya hua!?

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